EPUB success

To demonstrate the beauty of open-access, it was required we create a publication using either iBooks Author or Epub. Because my beautiful Macbook is over 6 years old, the software is not compatible with iBooks, and I would need to upgrade – no, thank you! So I tried Epub to see where it would get me. I used something I had written for a writing-group meeting earlier this year, so it’s not a long piece – just for demonstration purposes, to see if it would work. It did, and I’m posting the link to it here. Readers might let me know if it’s accessible to them?

Clearly Apple likes ‘walled gardens’. They require the most up-to-date systems to allow the user to run the programme – I’ve not been able to get a look at how it works, but presumably the reader would need to have an equally state-of-the-art operating system in order to read the published article?

Mission accomplished!



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